In recent days, we have expanded our ability to send VAN canvass responses and survey responses from your script data to your VAN systems.  

We have always been collecting and storing script data call by call throughout the day, but before now we only had the ability to retrieve and incorporate call result data from our dialing system at the end of the day. We have now moved to collecting the data from our dialing system throughout the day as well.

Where before we were sending all data in bulk after the end of the calling day, we are now sending combined collections of call result data from our dialing system with the matching script result data for those calls in hourly batches throughout the day. These batched efforts now begin 25 minutes after the top of each hour, and reflect the data recorded in the hour previous to the hour in which we begin that new hourly batch of reporting work.

This is an incremental step we are monitoring for ongoing success, and the results have been phenomenally successful to date. We aim to move to near real time syncing for all call activity throughout the day in the near future.

We continue to work with VAN as our partner to find the best balance of how much data VAN systems can receive in any given second.

For clients who are generating more than approximately 30,000 dials per hour, we presently expect that each hourly batch may extend beyond one hour for processing and upload to your VAN systems and we ask you to keep in mind that if you are viewing your contact history throughout the day, you will be able to confirm the activity and you may discern some sense of the speed with which we are able to deliver that data.

We wish to affirm that your nightly reporting summaries will be delivered as they have been, and will continue to reflect a final outcome for the day when sync efforts we were able to process successfully will all be accounted and may be summarized as complete.

Update: 8/28/2020

In our ongoing efforts to deliver the best throughput in agreement with VAN, we have now increased the frequency of our interactions from the previous once per hour, to a new rotation of once every 5 minutes for the results collected in the previous 5 minutes.