How to Add Additional Fields

ThruTalk (Legacy) will display the “standard” fields in the top left corner of your caller’s screen: 

callers screen view

These fields include:

  • Phone number
  • First and Last Name
  • Address line 1, Address line 2, Zip
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Party

If you want to show additional fields to your callers (polling place info, early vote info, or custom fields) you can show that information directly inside your script at the top of the page.

Steps to add "Additional Information" to your script:

  1. Open your script in edit mode and add an “Advanced HTML” box at the top of your script.
  2. Name it “Additional Information”
  3. Use the following code and delete the unnecessary sections based on the data that you uploaded:

<div style="background:#ffe5c2; border:1px solid #ccc; padding:10px 15px">

<h3>Additional Details:</h3>

<p><b>Polling Location: </b>{{polling_location}}<br>

<b>Polling Address: </b>{{polling_address}}<br>

<b>Polling Info: </b>{{polling_info}}</p>

<p><b>Early Vote Location: </b>{{early_vote_location}}<br>

<b>Early Vote Address: </b>{{early_vote_address}}<br>

<b>Early Vote Info: </b>{{early_vote_info}}</p>

<p><b>Custom Field 1: </b>{{custom_field_1}}<br>

<b>Custom Field 2: </b>{{custom_field_2}}<br>

<b>Custom Field 3: </b>{{custom_field_3}}<br>

<b>Custom Field 4: </b>{{custom_field_4}}<br>

<b>Custom Field 5: </b>{{custom_field_5}}<br>

<b>Custom Field 6: </b>{{custom_field_6}}</p>


Example Script Tool:example script tool

Your callers will now see the additional information at the start of every script, and the standard fields in the top left corner of the caller page.

NOTE: You could also add your standard fields to the “Additional Information” box to keep more consistency for your callers.

Example Preview Script:

example preview script