List Loading Protocols

At the end of each night, we compile a list of services that have made calls in the last 3 days (today, yesterday, the day before); and we schedule those lists for the following day. If you called in that time period, your lists will be automatically active tomorrow. If you did not call during that time, you should use the Calling Tomorrow button in your ThruTalk (Legacy) admin console to schedule your list to be ready at open tomorrow.

scheduling lists

These forms are not needed if you plan to send a new list. These requests will load the last list we have on file for your service, if it is not expired. **Lists expire after 30 requeues or 14 days since the last date it was scheduled.

Scenarios for list loading:

  • You had active calls today, yesterday, or the day before: Your list is automatically playing tomorrow with no further action needed on your part.
  • You submitted a new list today, yesterday, or the day before: Your list will be ready for tomorrow.
  • You did not call in the last 3 days but want to call tomorrow on a list you called on in the last 14 days: Submit the “Calling Tomorrow” request before 9 pm ET or the "Calling Today" request after 9 pm ET. Your last submitted list will be loaded if it has not expired. We will reach out if it is expired. 
  • Callers come in to make calls with no request submitted: Your last submitted list will be loaded if it has not expired.
  • You are submitting a new list: Submit a replace list when ready and it will be available for calls within 15 minutes of submission during open hours. 
  • Calling Tomorrow requests made after 9 pm ET will be scheduled the next day to start at open.
  • Check your calling list dashboard for list availability during open hours.

In NewTalk, our new dialing tool, admins do not need to submit "Calling Today" or "Calling Tomorrow" forms! Calling campaigns have more calling hours available and are open 7 days a week. Request a demo for ThruTalk (New) here!