Chat and Ticket Guidance: General Tips

In parallel with our efforts, there are some things that you can do to help us maximize stability and responsiveness for your calling programs. 

  • Please designate one admin for your account interacting with our live chat support at any one time. When multiple admins contact us in chat at the same time about the same issue, it increases chat delays and causes confusion for our support team. 
  • Please route your support requests through the appropriate channels.


Chat should be used for immediate, urgent issues, such as:

  • High wait times or pacing issues
  • Caller login issues
  • Dashboard issues
  • How many numbers remain on a single list if dashboards are down

Support Tickets

Support tickets (which are answered via email) should be used for less time-sensitive requests, such as: 

  • Script questions
  • Sync questions
  • Copy script requests for different accounts (admins can now do same account copies)
  • Caller ID questions
  • Reporting issues
  • Detailed list questions


  • Chat is for troubleshooting issues only; we cannot take special requests via chat. Please send a ticket to see the viability of your special request. 
  • Script changes between lists mean we need to warn an admin in chat when they get close to the end of the list and coordinate changing the script and playing the next list. This is an example of the kind of complexity we must avoid. 
  • The ThruTalk (Legacy) system is complex in many ways. Anything you can do to reduce complexity will result in better outcomes for the program and your callers, with the understanding that sometimes reducing complexity can mean less precision for the program.
  • Whether using chat or email, please provide as much information as possible in your initial messages so that our support team can quickly research your issue. This includes the name of your calling service, the title of your list, and any other detail you have that can help us respond more quickly.   
  • The maximum upload size allowed for lists is 50,000. If you want to call additional numbers you can send a run together to play concurrently with the primary list or send in a "run after" to play once the primary has finished its numbers.