Hello ThruTalk Clients,

With the election just two weeks away, we’re making a few final changes to bolster ThruTalk’s performance during GOTV. Read below to find out more. But first, a note on ThruTalk calling hours for the next few weeks. 

GOTV + Post-Election Hours

We will be extending ThruTalk calling hours prior to the election, and reducing them post-election:

Oct. 24 - 259am - 11:30pm ETopen 1 hour early
Oct. 26 - 3010am - 11:30 ETnormal open time
Oct 31 - Nov 38am -11:30pm ETopen 2 hours early
After Nov. 412pm-10pm ETopen 2 hours later and close 1.5 hours earlier 

List Loading Interface

We’ve overhauled our internal list loading systems to increase speed and reliability. The changes will go live sometime this week, at which point you will see a new, more streamlined interface for sending in your list (see image below). 

To be clear: you don’t need to do anything differently when loading your lists! But behind the scenes, things should move more quickly once you do.

Hard Cap on List Size: 50,000 Records

With our new list loading system, we will only allow list submissions of 50,001 rows or less. This limit will apply across the board to all clients with no exceptions. Lists that are greater than 50,001 rows will be automatically rejected. 

List Loading Confirmations

As part of our new list loading system, we will eliminate “work request” tickets tied to lists. Instead, we will send your list details to you with an automatic email that is delivered at the time of upload for dialing. We will also store this information on our side for dialing purposes.

At the time of upload, your list will not increase the “loaded” count on your dashboards.  The “loaded” count will rise a few minutes after we play that list for dialing. 

For “Replace” lists, we will make those changes immediately and your “loaded” count will rise a few minutes after we complete the replacement.


For “Run After” lists we will play them at the time it is needed and your “loaded” count will go up then.

Rest assured that once you submit your list via the above client form, your list will be in the right place and ready for dials as soon as you have received the email shown below:


Login Limits

ThruTalk relies on our software partner LiveVox to generate your phone calls. LiveVox becomes unstable with too many concurrent callers. However, LiveVox has no way of capping concurrent callers in their system. So beginning this week, ThruTalk will prevent new logins once the safe limit has been reached. When that happens, callers will see this: 

Striking Phone Numbers 

We recently upgraded our feature for striking single phone numbers.  The interface is similar to what we had offered before, but the outcome now is that your single phone numbers to strike (for Do Not Call purposes) are applied instantaneously. 

Note that the process for submitting strike lists (multiple phone numbers) is unchanged. 

We hope these changes help you maximize the impact of your calling programs in the final weeks of this historic election.

- The GetThru Team