Copying Your Scripts

Account owners and admins can copy scripts from one service to another under the same account.

Scripts Copier button

Use the Scripts Copier button on the admin console of the service that has the desired script and enter the URL of the service you would like to copy the script to. The URL is found in the address bar of the destination service admin console as shown in this example:

Service URL

Copy the URL from the service you want to copy to and insert it into the form in the service you want to copy from. 

Where to put the service URL

Note: This will copy ALL scripts from this service to the destination service you input, and this feature will only work for scripts within one ThruTalk (Legacy) account.

Once the copy is done, you will need to:

1. Delete unneeded scripts from the destination service.

2. Confirm that the correct script is marked as active. If more than one script is marked active, your callers will not have a script visible during live calling.

Please contact us via email at with questions or submit a ticket. Please do not use chat for script copy questions.