Support Helper Guidance

This article is designed to help you interact with ThruTalk (Legacy) Support Helper so that we can resolve your issue in the shortest amount of time possible -- which is what we all want! ThruTalk (Legacy) Support Helper is a chatbot that helps our support team prioritize and route chat conversations to the right team member. In response to a massive increase in chat volume, we’ve recently increased our reliance on ThruTalk (Legacy) Support Helper.

Here are some tips for interacting with ThruTalk (Legacy) Support Helper:

Make sure you have the most recent version by reloading your ThruTalk (Legacy) tabs daily. 

We are continually updating the Support Helper logic to add new questions or deal with time-dependent issues. The latest version of the chatbot is loaded when you load your admin page. If you are someone who keeps a browser open for a long time, you should close and reopen your ThruTalk (Legacy) admin page at least once a day before you jump into the chat.

Follow the instructions

ThruTalk (Legacy) Support Helper confirms your account and service to start, and then asks for specific details about your issues throughout the flow. Answering these questions with full and exact information allows us to route your chat to the right support person for your section of ThruTalk (Legacy).

  • For example, when the chatbot asks for your service name, please give us your full and exact service name.
  • Entering insufficient or extraneous information (i.e., putting “Thrutalk” as your service name or “let me talk to a person” instead of an account name) will not get you helped faster! Instead, it will send you into a triage queue, which will only increase the time before you get a response and a solution.
  • If you try to go down a “wrong” path to get to an agent quicker, you may be missing an automated flow and increasing your resolution time by orders of magnitude. 

Learn to love tickets

One of the main functions of ThruTalk (Legacy) Support Bot is to push non-chat issues to tickets automatically. Most questions about reporting, syncing, and scripts will become tickets since those are not chat relevant matters. This is a feature, not a bug. If you try to trick the bot into getting you to a live agent by choosing the wrong queue, you will need to wait for an agent, and then the agent will still create a ticket. You will only have succeeded in wasting your own valuable time. On a related note, if you have an issue related to reporting, syncing, or scripts -- please don’t bring those issues into the chat! Instead, send an email to to create a ticket.