Hi ThruTalk Clients,

We’re almost there! Here’s a few last important items before GOTV weekend. Please read   

List Scheduling Changes -- Our upstream provider, LiveVox, has a limit on total uploaded records across their system. Right now we load many more lists than actually get called. Those uncalled lists are pushing us close to the system-level limits. So we are going to make one last change to list scheduling with the goal of loading fewer lists that don’t get called.   

For all calling on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday: 

  • If you are calling on a new list, send in the new list and it will be loaded

  • If you want to call on an older list, you must submit a “Calling Tomorrow” request before 9 pm the night before with the reference code of the specific list(s) you want to requeue

For more on this change, and for a reminder on how to submit a Calling Tomorrow request, review this support article

This change applies to all calling beginning on Saturday, October 31. So if you want to call on an old list on Saturday, October 31, you must submit a Calling Tomorrow request before 9 pm on Friday, October 30 with the reference code of the specific list(s) you want to requeue.

Chatbot -- In response to a massive increase in chat volume, we’ve recently upgraded the functionality of our chatbot, aka “ThruTalk Support Helper.” Since making these changes, the average time to resolve simple issues like throttle and requeue requests has decreased significantly. This support article provides guidance on how to interact with ThruTalk Support Helper to get your issues resolved as quickly as possible!  

Concurrent Caller Limits -- Our upstream provider, LiveVox, has a limit of 1200 concurrent callers per portal. (Sensing a trend? LiveVox has a lot of limits and we have found them all). To address this limit, we have opened additional portals. We started the year with one portal. On GOTV weekend we will have 10 portals open. We have also done extensive load balancing between those portals based on your calling projections. However, there is still some chance that some portals go over the limit. With that in mind, a few notes: 

  • We strongly encourage you to have a backup system where you can send callers if we reach capacity limits.

  • If possible, please spread your callers out during the day. If you have 400 callers who can all help for an hour on Saturday, 50 per hour for eight hours is much better than all 400 at once.

  • We are working on a system that caps callers per portal at 1200. It is deployed but has not been working consistently. If your callers see a notice like this, that is the intended behavior of the portal capping system: 

  • If we reach limits in any of our portals we will tell you on our status page. The behavior you can expect at that point is that additional callers will not be able to log in.  

  • If we get far above the safe limit, we will kick out any caller not in an active call. This is an emergency measure that we will only do if absolutely necessary. 

Billing -- Because so many clients will not have any calls after Nov. 3, we are splitting November into two invoices. We will send an invoice for Nov. 1-3 calling ASAP after the election. Our goal is to get them all out by November 8 at the latest. We will then send another invoice at the end of November for any clients that do have calling from Nov. 4-30. 

Issues on 10/24 -- ThruTalk had degraded service for 2+ hours last Saturday. We sincerely apologize if you were affected. Our upstream provider, LiveVox, had an outage that prevented us from accessing their UI. We believe we know the source of the problem, which led us to disable a feature that was causing significant load on their systems. You can read more here

Thanks for everything you are doing to win campaigns up and down the ballot. We’ll keep doing everything we can to help you talk to the voters that will put you over the top. Good luck! 


The ThruTalk Team