Welcome to ThruTalk (Legacy)!

Now that we have received all your docs and your account is set up, we wanted to send you a proper welcome! We’re thrilled to be working with you, and we want to help you get the most out of the platform, starting with this email.

The next step for you is to join a ThruTalk (Legacy) training with our Client Success Team where they will cover key knowledge and best practices to make sure you have the best start possible.

Below, I've also included a checklist of the next steps to get calling with links to useful resources. If you ever have any questions you can email our support team directly at support@getthru.io or use one of the other support options we have available below (live training, self-serve guides, and chat). We are here to help!

Happy Calling and Welcome to ThruTalk (Legacy)!


Log In To Your ThruTalk Admin Console

Bookmark this link: https://thrutalk.io/admin

The Admin Console is your single, secure location to see your ThruTalk (Legacy) information, make changes, and get support from the ThruTalk team.

Submit Your Service Details

Use the "Service Details to Start Calling" button in the Admin Console to confirm and submit your final service details (service name, caller ID, logo, and timezone). Your service will be live for calls, using your submitted settings, within 1-2 business days.

Add Your Team

You have been added as an Administrator with Owner level privileges. You can add more Administrators using the "Manage Users" link on the service selection screen. Only people with Owner level access can see that link and add other admins. If you need to add additional Owners, just create users at the admin level, then email support@getthru.io to get them promoted to an Owner. You'll need to make sure the emails you provide for other admins and owners are Google Authentication-enabled (more information on that here).

Accessing Manage Users:manage users button highlighted

Create Your Script

Watch the Script Quick Start Guide (Video), then load your first script using the "Script Manager" button on your service page.

Accessing the Script Manager:script manager button highlighted

Script Questions?  Review the Script Guides for detailed 24/7 help and use the "Request a Script Review" button on the service page to have an experienced ThruTalk staff member check for any issues before you go live. Click here for more details on a Script Review.

Get Trained

Book a free live training for your team by an experienced ThruTalk staffer to ensure a smooth start to your ThruTalk (Legacy) calling program. We will cover the basics of calling, using your admin console, and best practices for callers and organizers.

Can't schedule a full training? Use these links to get the basics:

Start Calling

Once your service is live for calls, use the "Caller Login Page" button on the service page to grab your login URL and start calling!

Accessing the Caller Login URL:caller login page button highlighted


Here are some resources to get you started: