Script Troubleshooting


Script does not show up


Nothing is showing in the preview and a Not found message appears during live calling.

Not Found message

No script is visible to callers


No script is marked active


  • Activate the script as shown here: Script Activation
  • If you have an active script and are still getting the Not found error, try deactivating the script for a few seconds and toggle it back on and see if that resolves the problem.

There is an error in the script


This error message is received in the admin script preview:
Script Error MessageCause:

There is likely a syntax problem in one or more of your script questions. 

  • Missing braces around a list variable:

Missing bracesSolution:

Check through each of your script questions for any bad formatting and make corrections. If you cannot locate the problem you can create a duplicate of the script and start deleting questions one by one to see which one is causing a problem. Delete a question, save, then refresh your preview to see if the problem has cleared up and repeat if necessary.

Script page only says there is no visible page or question in the survey


This message is received in the admin script preview:

Script is not visible message


The script explainer visible if logic in the “starting_question” was not removed:

Script ExplainerSolution:

  • Remove the {Script Explainer} = "Show the Script" visible if from from the starting question, click "OK" and then click "Save Script." 
  • When opening the preview now it will display your script.

Questions do not show when clicking or All questions appear


Script does not advance as expected.


Incorrect visible if conditions set on the question(s) expected to appear.


  • Check that you set up the visible if (aka logic) parts of each question.
  • If a question name or answer was changed later in the script process, check that you updated any question logic references where you used the previous question name or answer. 
  • If an ending panel doesn't appear, check that the logic for each question that leads to an end is set up in the visible if of an ending question.  Example below:

Visible If settingsScript questions jump upward or start at the bottom


While clicking through the script the following question appears above the previous question.
  • Script begins at the bottom and callers have to scroll upward once a call is connected.


  • The focus of a script will move to the question that is last to appear.
  • Questions are out of order or other questions are set to appear before they're needed.


  • Questions need to be set up so if a question comes after another it is further down vertically.
  • Set visible ifs in the script so questions appear one at a time.

If you find you still need help, submit a Script Review with what you need to be reviewed. We are here to help! ThruTalk (Legacy) support staff will identify clear issues and explain how to correct and avoid the issue moving forward. We will also communicate general advice where we see the chance to share improvement opportunities.