Process to Ban a Caller in ThruTalk (Legacy)

The following provides details on how you can have a user (caller) banned. The support team can block a user's email and/or phone number to prevent them from being able to claim a username if requested by an owner or admin on the account.

Process for having users emails and/or numbers banned:

You need to send an email to or reach out through chat with the following information to have email addresses or phone numbers added to the banned users list.

  • Provide the account name
  • Provide the email address(es) you need banned 
  • Provide the phone number(s) you need banned

Support will add these emails and/or phone numbers to the banned user list and send a response confirming the user(s) have been banned. 

Process for having users emails and/or numbers removed from the banned list:

If you decide you no longer need to have a user's email or phone number banned you will need to reach out again with an email to or through chat with the account name as well as the email and/or phone number to have them removed from the banned list. Support will confirm once the user(s) has been removed from the list.