VAN Sync Deliverability Error Details

The “Deliverability Error” response is now being used instead of the historically problematic “Disconnected” response when syncing your results to VAN.

We know that for some VAN syncing clients dealing with a high volume of dials or problematic phone numbers, the “Disconnected” response was not always the most accurate disposition, especially in instances where VAN applies changes to phone number statuses based on that outcome.

To make this change within your script: Go to your starting question, update the row for “Disconnected”, the column for “value” to:

  • Old Value to remove: Disconnected (25)
  • New Value to substitute: Deliverability Error (212)

The “text” column can be whatever text is best for your callers.

The starting question template is also updated with the new value and can be used to switch out your current starting question as well.


NOTE: Update any ending panels that specifically reference the Disconnected answer choice in the visibleif to the new text.

System results that were previously marked as Disconnected are automatically changed to Deliverability Error and no action is needed to update that portion of the sync.