Calculating Your ThruTalk (Legacy) Bill

This article will detail the process you can utilize to calculate your monthly bill or the cost of dials for a specific date range within ThruTalk (Legacy); using this method you will be able to keep track of the amount outside of the bill we send out each month. 

To calculate your usage, you can either use the nightly reports emails if you have downloaded copies of the files within the two-day period before expiration or request past call results from the admin console.

Nightly Reports

If you have copies of your nightly reports and keep track of your dial count, you can multiply the total dial count within a specific date range by the per dial contract rate for your service. 

  • Tally the dials within the date range needed. For example, for determining the total in June, you can review that month of nightly reports and determine how many dials were completed in that span of time. 
  • Then multiply the total dials in that span with your per dial contract rate.

Past Call Results

If you don’t have copies of the Nightly Report to tally, you can always request the needed date range via the Past Call Results feature in the admin console for any of the services you need the total for. 

  • Choose the date range needed. Example: If you want the month total for June, you would select 6/1/21 as the starting date and 6/30/21 as the ending date.
  • Input an email to receive the file.
  • Open the call results file linked in the email.
  • Multiply the dial total in that csv with your per dial contract rate.

For monthly bill calculation:

  • Calculation method: (Dials sent in previous month) x (Per dial rate) = Previous Month Bill. 
  • Example: If you have completed 10000 dials in June and your per dial contract rate was $0.055, you would multiply 10000 x 0.055 for a total of $550.

For a specific timeframe:

  • Calculation method: (Dials sent in requested date range) x (Per dial rate) = Cost total for that date range.
  • Example: If you wanted to know the cost after you have completed 1000 dials in the first week of June and your per dial contract rate was $0.055, you would multiply 1000 x 0.055 for a total of $55.

And that is how you can calculate your monthly bill or cost for a specific date range. Please reach out to us with any questions at

Note regarding monthly bills: We send bills out during the first half of the month; you can expect your previous month’s bill by the middle of the current month. Once you have received it, you can pay by ACH, credit card, or check.