Logging in - Step by Step

    1. Start at the login page provided for you by the campaign. Enter your name, email, and phone number to claim your login.


    2. Note the assigned login ID and password.  Click the blue "Login Here" text to open the Livevox login page in a new browser tab.

    3. On the new tab you opened in the previous step, copy and paste the login information provided into the LiveVox Agent Sign in and click "Next". 

    4. Now, from the dropdown provided, select the correct service and click "Sign in". If you are unsure about what service to select, ask your campaign contact.

    5. If using your computer for audio, continue. If you prefer or need to call into the system using a phone, uncheck “Call using a computer”. 

    5a. If you are calling in using a phone, Call the number on the screen and enter the pin followed by the pound or hashtag key to log in. 

    5b. If you are using computer audio, The browser will ask for permission to allow access to the computer audio. Allow the use of a microphone with the selected browser. 

Congrats, you are logged in to make calls! Once you complete step 5, the system will start making calls to voters for you using a campaign number. 

Now that you are logged in, you are all set to start making calls!

Login Tips

To get past any challenges, work with these ideas and keep them in mind to help others:

  • Wait to press Sign In until you are ready to make calls. If you take too long to call in after signing in (2 minutes) the session will time out and you will need to get a new login.
  • If you see the words "Login Failed: Invalid Password" in red on the log-in screen, slow down.  If you click the "Next" button multiple times the account will get locked. Make sure you have correctly copied the password; try pasting the text somewhere you can see what you copied and be sure there are no extra spaces at the beginning or end of the password
  • If you see the words "Agent not found" in red on the log-in screen, be sure that you have copied the agent name correctly. If you have made calls before, remember that you have to get a new username and password each day.
  • If nothing new appears on your screen after logging in, check your browser settings. Make sure that your browser settings for blocking pop-ups are turned off; this varies from browser to browser. Additionally, find and disable all pop-up and ad-blocking extensions and add-ons
  • You can always go back to the very first step, enter a new or alternate email address, and get issued a new username and password to try again from the beginning. If you try all of these solutions and still have trouble logging in and connecting to calls, reach out to your organization or campaign.

This guide is also a helpful resource for all login ID and password problems.