We are writing to inform you that the ThruText per-message price for Australian clients will increase from $.14 USD per text to $.28 USD, effective February 1, 2022. We are giving you 60 days' notice per our contractual obligation and so you have time to prepare for the change. You’ll see the new pricing applied on your February bills, which will go out in early March.

We regret the need to make any pricing change, let alone such a significant one, so we want to take a moment to explain why.    

We have been operating at a significant loss for some time with our current Australian pricing. We only recently detected this because our Australian expenses were not separated from our expenses in other countries. 2021 gave us the bandwidth to recover from a hectic 2020 US election cycle, perform a deeper analysis of our finances, and identify the harsh reality that we are losing money on every text message we send in Australia at the current rates.

While a price increase is unavoidable, we are working to minimize the size of that increase, including asking for deeper discounts from our Australian SMS gateway, Twilio, and working with clients to archive unused ThruText campaigns and send shorter messages. 

For any campaign in an active or paused state, we get charged monthly for the sending phone numbers regardless of whether any messages are sent. Sending phone numbers in Australia are very expensive -- more than 20x the cost of U.S. numbers. And while we charge clients per message, we get charged by the message segment (160 characters), so longer messages cost us more. We humbly request that you regularly archive any unused campaigns, and keep your text messages as short as possible. Doing so will help to avoid any further price increases.  

This was a tough decision, and we understand how it affects you as our clients. We have been providing P2P texting services in Australia since 2017, and Australian organizations are some of our earliest and longest-standing clients. We’re honored to support your work, and we thank you for understanding the financial realities that we must work within in order to continue providing you with a premium P2P texting service. 

Please reach out with any questions or concerns, and we look forward to our continued partnership. 


Micah Morris

Head of Sales & Marketing