How to Clean Your List to Leave Only Uncontacted results

This guide will walk you through the process of cleaning your list by removing all contacts that were marked as ‘talked to correct person’ or ‘remove number from list’. This will leave you with a list of contacts that were marked as uncontacted, which you can upload to reach out to each contact for additional attempts.

To create a cleaned list, you will need to pull data from the call results and match it against the original list using a vlookup to separate the uncontacted results. 

First, you’ll need to retrieve your call results file for the date range the list was called through. You can do this by using the call results file(s) from your nightly reports or by requesting the past call results from the service’s admin console. 

  • Open the call results file
  • Click Data > From Text/CSV
  • Load your original CSV list

Load Text/CSV data

Note: You will now have two sheets in your document. One of the call results and one of the original list. We will be using the unique ID for our vlookup function, as it is unique per contact, which is needed for vlookup to work. The unique ID column is titled "Voter ID" in our reports and is under column A. 

  • Create a header row in a new column in the original list sheet titled “Outcome’” to cell M1.

  • In cell M2, you’re going to create the vlookup function =VLOOKUP(A2,'Sheet Name'!A:I,9,FALSE) to pull in the data from the Call Results sheet.

  • Filter the ‘Outcome’ column by only selecting ‘talked to correct person’ and ‘remove number from list’ and any other outcomes you would like to have removed from the next list set.

It is recommended to remove results of ‘deliverability error’ as well. These results mean the system returned a disconnected signal and it is best practice to not call those numbers again.

  • Next, highlight all rows (excluding the header) and right+click (PC)/ctrl+click (Mac), then choose Delete > Entire Sheet RowDelete entire row

  • Next click on the filter options under ‘Outcome’ again and choose “Select All.”

  • Select All This will add the uncontacted call results back for calling

The list is now cleaned and should be saved as a new CSV file. It can then be uploaded to the dialer for calling.

We recommend completing the vlookup against your nightly call results vs. your original list after every night of calling as you will be able to keep track of the number of dials remaining on your list. However, if you called over multiple days and have multiple call result files to clean from your original list, repeat the above process as needed using each call result file against your original list.