How to Reach Out to Each Contact Once Before Another Attempt

In this guide, we will discuss how you can reach out to each contact on your list once before moving on to a second attempt for all contacts you were not able to reach successfully with the first attempt. This can be done by utilizing the single attempt list strategy option and will be detailed below.

While the multiple attempt list strategy is best used in instances where you know you will finish the list on the same day of calling, using a single attempt list and cleaning it before reuploading with certain contacts removed is best for making sure every number on your list is contacted once before anyone is reached out to a second time. This is particularly helpful if you don’t plan to complete calling on the list in one day.



  1. Upload your single attempt calling list via the service’s admin console using the steps in Load a Call List.
  1. Continue calling on the list until it is nearing the end of contacts. You can check the list’s remaining dials via the service’s calling list details page or you can check in with support via the live chat option.
  1. Clean your list by removing all ‘talked to correct person’ and ‘remove number from list’ call results from the list. This will leave you with a list of uncontacted call results.

    1. To clean your list, you will need to download your Nightly Results from the nightly emails sent to you or download the Past Call Results from the admin console for the date range that the list was called on (from first to last day of calling). Then you can do a vlookup against your original list to remove the needed contacts. Our guide here provides details on how to clean your list.  

  2. Upload your newly cleaned list via the service’s admin console as a single attempt list to reach out to contacts on a second attempt.

Complete Step 3 nightly with a vlookup against your nightly call results vs. your original list, and you will be able to keep track of the number of dials remaining on your list. We recommended not waiting until you are completely out of dials to clean and submit a new list to ensure you have a list ready for callers. Instead you could submit a list of contacts for an additional attempt with the run after list option.

And that’s it! The new list will now only be calling contacts that were not successfully contacted via the first attempt list.

You can repeat this process as necessary depending on the number of times you would like to reach out to each contact.