Getting Started

We are excited you are using ThruTalk (Legacy) to make calls for your organization! If you are new to ThruTalk, please review this guide before your first phonebank. Thank you for calling with us! 

Step 1: The Tools You Need to Make calls

To make calls with ThruTalk you will need the following:

  • An internet connection - Accessed via desktop, laptop, or tablet
  • An audio connection - phone, either landline or cell, or computer audio
  • A web browser - Chrome or Firefox

Please review The Tools You Need to Make Calls

Note: ThruTalk (Legacy) does not support Safari browsers. Mac computers or tablets can be used with the Google Chrome or Firefox browser or app.

Step 2: Logging In

To make calls with ThruTalk, you will first need to log in. Please review our guide on Logging In.

Step 3: Making Calls

Now that you're logged in, it's time to make calls! Please review our guide on Making Calls.

Step 4: Signing Off

Whether you are taking a break or done with your shift, make sure to set yourself "not ready" before you log out, then sign out and close your browser; your session will be complete! Please review Signing Off for more detailed information.