What is Throttle?

A service's throttle controls the speed at which phone numbers are dialed. A high throttle speeds up the rate at which numbers are dialed, whereas a low throttle slows the rate at which numbers are dialed. The throttle affects the wait time in between calls as well as the drop rate. A fast rate of dialing will result in a short wait time, but it may cause the drop rate to increase, whereas slower dialing will result in a longer wait time but fewer dropped calls. Therefore, the throttle must be monitored to balance the wait time and the drop rate. Our dialer team is constantly monitoring wait times and drop rates and making adjustments to the throttle in order to maintain that balance.

Put simply: 

  • Increasing the throttle will cause faster dialing which results in a short wait time but potentially higher drop rates. 
  • Decreasing the throttle will cause slower dialing which results in a longer wait time and fewer drops. 

While a high throttle may cause higher drop rates, wait times of less than 60 seconds can typically be achieved without significant drop rates.

How to Request a Throttle Change

If callers are experiencing a long wait in between calls, typically more than 60 seconds, you can request an increase in the throttle from your service admin page. You can also request to decrease a service's throttle if calls are going out too fast. This will send a message to the dialer team with your request. 

Throttle request

After submitting a throttle change request, please wait a few minutes for our team to receive your request, make the desired changes, and for the updates to reflect on the Service Overview page, also known as the dashboard. If the wait time has not improved, please review the following guide for solutions to other issues that may be slowing down your calling and increasing your wait time: Caller Issue: The Wait Between Calls is Too Long

If you submitted a throttle request change and waited at least 5 minutes for the changes to take effect with no improvements, please use our chat feature to check in with our Support team.