VAN Sync Wrong Number Details

ThruTalk (Legacy) has updated how the script result for “wrong number” is syncing back to VAN. 

Based on a change made by VAN, the phone number dialed is now used as the phone ID for applying a wrong number canvas result. We can now accurately apply the canvas result wrong number to the correct phone number dialed for the VAN contact. As of February 23rd, 2022 we have updated the script starting question value for wrong number to sync back as wrong number, where previously it synced back as refused. 

The change was made in all scripts, in the starting question. 

We updated the row for "Wrong Number", the column for "value". 

  • Previous: Script result "Wrong Number (2)" synced as "Refused" to VAN. 
  • New: Script result "Wrong Number (20)" will sync as "Wrong Number" to VAN. 

The “text” column can be whatever text is best for your callers.