Election Season is in FULL SWING!

You can make your voters’ support go further with Vote Tripling: a process in which your supporters that have already pledged to vote via text contact their friends and family to ask them to do the same! It’s a proven way to boost voter turnout and significantly increase the bang for your buck. Read more here.

Image link to How to Do Deep Canvassing with Phone Banks and Texting

Take the next step with deep canvassing. 

When we talk about using ThruTalk and ThruText to create authentic connection with voters, we aren’t just talking about a less robotic experience, we’re talking about deeper communication. Deep canvassing is the practice of taking traditional canvassing a step further by listening and responding to your canvassees, with the goal of both of you having an engaged and empathetic experience. Learn more about deep canvassing and our tools to help you achieve it here.

Image link to Getting Started With ThruText

Getting started with ThruText.

Peer to peer texting is a necessity if you don’t want to leave any voters on the table. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a texting veteran, we have everything you need to dive in head first. When you sign up for ThruText, you get way more than just access to our innovative platform and tools: you also get our full commitment to 24/7 support and our trove of guidance on best practices and strategy. Learn more about all of the whos, whats, and hows here.

Image link to NewTalk Beta Is Here!

Our newest next-level tool.

We are thrilled to announce that our newest tool NewTalk is in beta! NewTalk is the next iteration of ThruTalk, our original lightning fast calling tool, but we’ve updated… well, everything! We’ll be rolling out new features throughout the launch process, but some of the major changes you’ll see are improved UX/UI design, a more stable and reliable infrastructure, a one-login unified platform with our ThruText tools, and real-time views of your organization’s lists and dials. Bottom line: we’re certain it’s our best product yet at our lowest price point yet. Learn more here.

GetThru News:

  • We want you to have the best resources at your fingertips. We updated our resources hub on our website – check it out!
  • Want to see our tools in action? A member of our team would love to show you how GetThru can work for your next outreach campaign.  Let us know here.


At GetThru, our mission is to empower organizations to connect authentically with their audiences at scale, while building a sustainable company that promotes progressive social change. Ready to learn more?  Contact us!