Greetings GetThru Clients,

Our team has been working hard on a host of great updates to the GetThru platform, and we’re super excited to share them with you!

Introducing MMS for ThruText

We're excited to announce the official launch of MMS for ThruText. Thanks to your valuable feedback and support, our beta phase has been a resounding success, and the MMS feature is now live in your account! To send MMS, you’ll need to upload at least one image to the new “Media Library” (in the ThruText Tools menu) and also add an image to your 10DLC Use Case.  Please see our guide on MMS in ThruText for more information, and check out this feedback from one of our amazing beta testers:

“With our first MMS campaign on ThruText, we had great results! With the option to include a meaningful photo to the message, we more than doubled the amount we raised last year from a similar campaign that didn't include a photo." — Andrea Stacy, Development and Alumni Relations Associate, Des Moines University

Optimal Usage Recommendations for MMS

To ensure optimal sending speed when using MMS, we recommend keeping your campaigns to a maximum of 25,000 contacts for the time being. If you plan to send MMS campaigns larger than 25,000, please email to let us know. We expect this upper limit to be increased significantly in the coming weeks.

NOTE: The MMS feature will initially only be available for our U.S. customers. To our clients in the UK and Canada: if you're interested in MMS, please reach out to our Sales Team at to learn about our next steps.

New, Lower Pricing for GetThru

New features aren't the only exciting developments on the horizon: we've also rolled out new pricing options, which for most customers could mean lower rates! If you're happy with the current plan, you're welcome to enjoy the MMS feature at your current rate. We strongly recommend reaching out to our team @ to find out what works best for you and your organization, as significant discounts are available for pre-paid or subscription plans.

What’s New With GetThru Webinar - 9/25 @ 4 pm ET

To answer all your burning questions about new features and pricing, and to provide a preview of the exciting things to come, we invite you to join us for a Webinar on Monday, September 25th. Sign up here! The agenda will include:

A  guided WalkThru on MMS in ThruText.

An in-depth tour of our new pricing options.

Live Q&A session with the experts to address your questions.

More Recent Feature Updates

  • Streamlined Sidebar Navigation: We've enhanced the GetThru Sidebar Navigation to include a dedicated section for GetThru account tools, serving both ThruTalk and ThruText users. For a closer look, please consult our detailed guide.
  • Expanded ThruTalk Exports: Good news for ThruTalk users! You can now access ThruTalk data at the campaign level throughout the campaign's entire duration. Additionally, we've introduced an "Account All Dials" export option, allowing you to track your total outgoing dials effortlessly.
  • Campaign-level Control of QuickSend: QuickSend is a feature allowing senders on a ThruText campaign to send all of their initial messages by clicking the "Send All" button once. For accounts that have QuickSend enabled, you will now be able to toggle the feature off when creating and editing a campaign. Please write to if you want QuickSend enabled or have any questions!

Fall Campaign Archiving

GetThru is planning a round of database housekeeping to release valuable outbound phone numbers held in unused campaigns that could be used by future campaigns.

On September 25th we will begin archiving all active or paused ThruText or ThruTalk campaigns with an End Date older than May 25th.

No messaging/calling, survey, or opt-out data will be lost when a campaign is archived. You will still be able to clone or export from your archived campaigns. You simply won’t be able to exchange messages or make calls through those campaigns after the deadline.

If you require one or more ThruText campaigns remain active, simply log into your account before the deadline and edit any campaign with an End Date older than May 25th by moving that end date into the future. This will prevent that campaign from being archived. ThruTalk campaigns with past end dates cannot be edited or make future calls, so no action is needed for those campaigns.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best tools and services for your communication needs and we're genuinely excited about these developments and look forward to assisting you in achieving your goals. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or require further assistance.

– The GetThru Team