Group Size Details

Groups can contain up to 50,000 contacts. Our group uploader can process CSV files up to 15MB in size, although files close to this limit (14-15 MB) may fail to process.

You will see an error if your file has more than 50,000 rows. In addition to the number of rows in a file, the number of columns also impacts the file size. If you encounter an error while uploading a group, remove all unnecessary columns before attempting to upload the group again. If you are attempting to create a group from a VAN external contact list and get an error, reduce the length of the list in VAN before re-attempting.

Local Phone Number Supply

The other reason to monitor group size is that ThruText messages and ThruTalk calls originate from local cell phone numbers that we obtain via a third-party provider. During the campaign creation process, you specify up to 3 area codes or regions from which you want those local numbers to be obtained. Third-party providers have a limited supply of phone numbers for each area code. In ThruTalk (and ThruText campaigns in Canada,) when you target a campaign to a large group, they may have insufficient phone numbers in the 3 area codes or regions you select. The shortfall of numbers will cause the campaign not to launch and display a message indicating that insufficient numbers are available.

NOTE - To ensure high system performance, a new process is being implemented that will limit the number of processing group uploads at one time per account. Please reach out to with any questions regarding your account's limit.