How to locate Usage Analytics

Account owners and administrators can view the account's usage from within the account tools drop-down, and by selecting the usage analytics menu option.

NOTE - At this time, only ThruText data is available on the usage analytics page.

Using the Usage Analytics page

This dashboard is updated nightly and includes your unique messaged contacts, outgoing SMS messages, outgoing SMS segments, and MMS messages

NOTE - All months are based on UTC time and align with the monthly invoices.

messages and active contacts

Messaged Contacts are unique contacts who have received a text in that calendar month.

SMS Messages are all outgoing SMS messages that were sent in that calendar month in UTC time. 

  • An outgoing SMS message is any text-only message sent by texters on your account. SMS Messages includes your initial messages, replies by your texters to your contacts, and opt out messages.
  • SMS Messages that are segmented due to their length count as ONE outgoing message.
  • SMS Messages do not include errored messages.

SMS Segments are all outgoing segments in SMS messages that were sent in that calendar month in UTC time.

  • An outgoing SMS segment is every segment sent in an outgoing message by texters on your account. SMS Segments include all segments in your initial messages, replies, and opt out messages.
  • SMS Segments do not include segments in errored messages.
  • NOTE - At this time, SMS Segment totals are complete for June 2023 and after. May 2023 totals contain partial data. Prior to May 2023, SMS segments were not recorded.

MMS Messages are all outgoing media messages that were sent in that calendar month in UTC time.

usage analytics example

Account Owners in primary accounts can view the usage for linked accounts by clicking the Network Account Usage button that appears above the usage for the account. This is not available on all accounts and is not accessible to users with admin permissions. Please write to with any questions!