Using Permanent Invites

Enable or disable the permanent invitation link of your organization's account from within your Admin dashboard.

Begin by selecting Permanent Invite from the 'Account Tools' drop-down on the left panel under the "ThruText" menu:

Account Tools Permanent Invite

To Enable the Permanent Invite Link:

Click the "Enable Permanent Invite."

Enable Permanent Invite

You can access the link from within the "Account Tools" drop-down by clicking "Copy Link" or on your account "Invitations" page within your "Users" section.

Copy Permanent Invite Link

From the "Invitations" section under the "Users" drop-down:

The permanent invitation link can only be used to add users, not moderators, admins, or account owners. To upgrade a user's permissions you can do so from within the "Users" page. See: Managing User Permission Levels

To Disable Permanent Link:

Click "Delete" to turn off the permanent invitation link. 

Disable Permanent Invite Link

Be advised that disabling your link cannot be undone. If you choose to re-enable your link, it will generate a brand new link. Any documentation where you might share the link with your senders will need to be updated.