How to manage your Do Not Call list

Managing your account's Do Not Call list is critical for successful ThruTalk campaigns. Administrators can add to or export a Do Not Call list within a ThruTalk account. Do Not Call lists and ThruText opt-outs are managed separately. To read more about opt-outs, please refer to our opt out guide.


Adding to your Do Not Call list

You can manage your Do Not Call list on the Do Not Call page, located in the ThruTalk Tools left sidebar.

  1. Enter the phone number(s) into the Do Not Call List field. (If adding more than one number at a time, you must separate the entries by comma or line break.)
  2. Click "Add to Do Not Call List"
  3. Export list to check for success.

NOTE - It is critical to check the list you are uploading to your Do Not Call List. Once you upload a list of contacts, if you want to opt-in a contact, you will need to reach out to!

Exporting Your Do Not Call List

You can export your Do Not Call list from the Do Not Call page or the Exports page within the ThruTalk Tools section of your account.

From the Do Not Call page: To export your Do Not Call List, click the "Export List" button at the bottom of the page. Next to the button, you will see the total number of contacts on your Do Not Call List. 

From the Exports page:  To export your Do Not Call List, select the export type "Account do not call" and click "New Export" to generate the Do Not Call list. To download the generated file, click the "Download" button.

Please refer to this guide for more about the information included in your export.

Adding a Do Not Call number during a call

To add a contact's phone number to the do not call list during a call, your callers must select "Add to Do Not Call List" in the upper right corner of the calling page and then click the "Do Not Call" button to confirm.

Opting out a number during a call

For information on how Do Not Calls are synced to VAN on VAN-integrated campaigns, click here.

NOTE - Contacts added to the Do Not Call list are not opted out of ThruText. Contacts added to the opt out list remain callable in ThruTalk.