Setting up GetThru VAN integrations

Are you interested in setting up a VAN integration with your ThruText and/or ThruTalk account? Each product requires a separate integration process, which we will detail in the links below. After completing the following steps, you can to successfully sync your GetThru and VAN data.

ThruText VAN Integration Setup

ThruTalk VAN Integration Setup

NOTE - For details on accessing your ThruText and ThruTalk lists within your account and naming recommendations, please review our guide Contact Import - "Pull" a list from VAN via the External Contact List Page.

Once your External Contact List has data from your VAN, you can create a group from your VAN-imported list.

GetThru can sync to any version of VAN including NGP, Votebuilder, AmericaVotes, StateVoices, EveryAction, and SmartVAN/Targetsmart using the process detailed above. 

What is "My Voter File?" What is "My Campaign?" What is "My Members?" And what's the difference?

  • My Voter File contains registered voters in a given state, whereas My Campaign contains volunteers, supporters, and anyone else who you may wish to associate with your database. As a result, person records in My Voter File may only be created when VAN receives new data provided by a Secretary of State or similar government agency. By contrast, you may create My Campaign records at any time. My Members is just another name for My Campaign that is sometimes used to describe membership databases. EveryAction is a version of My Campaign. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to support at