Using mobile devices to make calls in ThruTalk

ThruTalk has a mobile-friendly interface that allows callers to participate in calling campaigns with a phone or tablet.

To ensure you can speak with contacts while recording their responses on your mobile device at the same time, we recommend using a headset or headphones.

Start by opening up a browser app on your mobile device and sign into

You can make signing into easier by saving your email and password in your browser. Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox (iOS or Android), and Safari allow you to use saved passwords across devices if you are signed into your account. 

Find and tap the GetThru account, or the organization, that you want to make calls on. 

This will take you to your Messenger (ThruText assignments). Tap on the menu at the top right of your screen to navigate to your calling assignments.

Find the calling assignment you want to make calls on, then tap on the "Start Calling" button. For more info on assignments, check out our guide: ThruTalk Assignments.

If you choose to preview your script first, tap "Preview Script" and scroll through to familiarize yourself with the questions. When you're ready to make calls, tap "Start Calling" at the bottom of your screen.

On the next screen, you'll be asked "How would you like to make calls?". ThruTalk will check if calls can be made from the browser, and if it can, you'll see the option to "Connect with my computer". Otherwise, you will only see the option to "Connect with my phone".

If you tap on "Connect with my computer", you'll get a pop-up from your device that requests permission to use your microphone. Tap Allow to continue and then tap "Ready to Make Calls".

To make calls from your phone, tap on "Connect with my phone". You can change the phone number by tapping on Use a different phone number and providing a different phone number

When you're in a call, you'll be able to see the contact's name and number at the top of the screen. You can scroll down to see the rest of the script. Make sure to answer all the questions until you see "This is the end of the script".

To end the call, tap on the vertical dots at the top right corner of the screen. This will pull up a side menu.

To end the call, tap "End Call" at the bottom right of your screen. You can also add the contact to the Do Not Call list during or after the call by tapping "Add to Do Not Call List".

After you tap "End Call" or the contact hangs up, tap "Ready for Next Call" to move on to the next call.

To end the calling session, tap on the arrow at the top right of your screen. This will pull up a side menu. Tap "End Calling Session" to exit the assignment.