Definition of ThruTalk-specific terms

This guide contains keywords used throughout the calling side of the GetThru platform. Check out more about the texting side by visiting the ThruText Glossary. To get an overview of functions shared between both calling & texting, please be sure to read our main GetThru Glossary!

Account All Dials - ThruTalk export that is done at the account level. This generates one export link for call results for all campaigns that called during the selected window. Script results are not available in this export. (See: ThruTalk Export Types for details).

Account Campaign Dials - ThruTalk export done at the account level. This generates a separate export link for each campaign called during the selected window. Data includes call results and script results. (See: ThruTalk Export Types for details).

Active Callers - Number of current callers who are ready, on a call, or in wrap-up time.

Archive Campaign - A completed and closed campaign. Once archived, no calls can be received and all phone numbers acquired for the campaign will be relinquished. It is not possible to restart an archived campaign. 

Attempts - Any attempt to call a phone number, regardless of the outcome of that number. Attempts include disconnected and invalid numbers.

Attempted - Total number of calls attempted or completed in one day.

Called Contacts - The number of contacts that were called.

Call Result - The overall result of your call (contact, no contact, remove from list). Must be entered to move on to the next call. Different than script questions.

Caller - A person making calls in ThruTalk. A user within GetThru on the ThruTalk side.

Caller Activity Details - A report that provides information on caller connection time and script results.

Caller Invite Link - A link given by an admin to a caller already attached to the account. This allows the caller to join an already active campaign instantly.

Calling Page - The window that ThruTalk callers use to make calls and interact with scripts.

Campaign Details - The page for reviewing details and accessing results of an individual campaign.

Campaign Export - An export of all calling data completed for a specific campaign. The generated report will include call and script results.

CIP - Calls in progress. The number of calls being processed (being dialed or being connected to a caller) by ThruTalk in a campaign at any one time.

Contacts - Has two definitions:

  • In ThruTalk data, Contacts are dials that a live person picked up. Contacts include wrong numbers but not answering machines screened by the system or other robot pickups, such as a fax, voicemail, or busy signal.
  • Contacts can also be call recipients.

Dialing Hour Enforcement - 8 am - 9 pm local based on the timezone chosen at the campaign's launch. Calling is not permitted outside these times, regardless of current operating hours.

Do Not Call - Callers record a contact's refusal during a call by adding the contact to the Do Not Call list.

Drops - Calls where a live person answers, but no caller can receive the call. Drops happen when the CIP is too high for the number of callers because callers have recently logged out, switched to not ready, or are otherwise unavailable.

IDs  - Contacts who successfully completed your script and had a response recorded to your first question in the dialer (usually a Support ID question).

Instant Follow Up - Messages sent via toll-free text to your contact by your texters directly from a script.

Manual Dial Pacing - GetThru staff optimize your calling program by actively monitoring your callers, their wait times, and the CIPs.

PatchThru - Feature that allows callers to connect contacts with a third party imported from the PatchThru Directory.

PatchThru Directory - Phonebook of third-party targets for PatchThru.

Script - The text callers use during live calls when talking to contacts. Clients use the Script Manager to create scripts.

Script Branching - Admins can lead callers through different "paths" in a script using script branching. Questions can be shown or hidden by selecting different answers in a script.

Script Preview - Access to the currently active script on a calling service. It is separate from live calls in the dialer and can be used for review and practice purposes. Available when: 

  • Admins create or edit a script.
  • Callers can view Script Previews before calling.

Script Results - Survey data collected by callers during a live call. (See Survey Questions.)

Status -Caller activity status indicators for each caller on a campaign, whether that person is not ready, in call, ready, not ready, wrap-up, or offline.

  • STATUS: In call - Caller is currently connected to a live pickup.
  • STATUS: Wrap-up - The caller has ended a call but has not recorded the results yet (you can contact support to change the default wrap-up time).
  • STATUS: Ready  - The caller is available and waiting to be connected to a live person.
  • STATUS: Not ready - Caller is connected but is not available to receive calls.
  • Offline - Callers not logged in at this time.

Survey Questions - Questions your callers ask during a call that are recorded in a script. (See Script Results.)

Target - The third party that PatchThru calls connect to.

The Beep - Auditory signal from the dialer to a calling agent that their next call has connected. The beep is based on voice recognition and indicates that the person has already said hello.

Throttle - Number of calls attempted when a caller becomes available to talk.

Usage - The number of dials completed by an organization and the number of unique contacts called in a calendar month (in UTC time).

Wait Time - The amount of time between active calls. The count starts when a caller becomes ready for their next call and ends when they are connected to their next call.