How to Run an Additional Pass on a Campaign

During a phonebank, not everyone will be available to take your call on the first try. That's why it's important to run multiple passes on a group to maximize the success of a phonebank. This guide will cover two methods for running additional passes on a campaign. 

Creating a Remove Group

The first method for running an additional pass involves creating a new campaign with the original group as the base segment, and using Campaign Targeting to remove contacts that you don't want to call again. This can be done by exporting the results from a finished campaign and creating a group of contacts to remove from the original group. This method is ideal for a group with no custom fields. If your group has custom fields, we recommend using the second method as described below.

  1. First, create an export of the results of the finished campaign. Go to the admin campaign page and click Export. Please note that if your start date and end date are the same, the Campaign Export won't work as expected, and you will have to create a ThruTalk Account Export.

  2. Create an export by clicking New Export and then download the file by clicking Download.

  3. Open the file in Excel. Create a filter by clicking on the Data tab, and then click Filter. Open the filter in the Result column.

  4. Filter out the results of contacts such that you leave contacts that you don't want to contact again. Uncheck the following results and click OK
    • Busy
    • No Answer
    • Not Dialed
    • Not Home/No Contact
    • Voicemail

      The filter should look like this:
  5. Copy the remaining results into a new tab. Use CTRL+A to select all the visible results and then copy and paste them into a new tab.

  6. Save the new tab as a CSV. Upload the file as a new group in GetThru.

  7. Create a new ThruTalk Campaign and add the group you just created as a remove segment.

  8. After you add your remove segment, you should see the number of Total Contacts decrease. 

Filtering Contacts

The second method involves creating a group of contacts you want to call again. While this method is a little more complex, it allows you to include the original custom fields in your new group. The steps include exporting your original group, matching the results, and then filtering the results. 

  1. First, create an export of the group that you originally called.

  2. Next, create an export of the campaign you just called

  3. Next, you'll want to create a vlookup formula that matches the result from the results export and returns it to the group export. Open both files.
    1. Go to the group export and find the first empty column. Title the column something like "Results"

    2. In the cell below, type 

    3. Next, while the cell is still active, open the results export. Click and drag from the phone column to the Results column, or column C to column J. You should see the formula being updated in the formula editor
    4. Then click on the formula editor and finish the formula by typing
      and click enter
    5. To apply the formula to all the cells in the column, double-click the green box at the bottom right corner of the cell. Go to the bottom of the file to make sure it applied the formula to all the cells.

  4. Next, you'll want to create a filter. Do this by clicking Data, then Filter, and then open the filter by clicking on the arrow in the Results column.

  5. You'll want to filter out any results you don't want to call again, by unchecking the box next to any of the following results:
    • Deceased
    • Deliverability Error
    • Moved
    • Refused
    • Talking to Correct Person
    • Wrong Number

      The filter should look like this:

  6. Copy the remaining results into a new sheet. You can use the CTRL+A shortcut to select all visible cells.
  7. Save the new sheet as a CSV. This file will only contain contacts that you didn't make contact with in the first phonebank and would like to contact again. Upload the new CSV as a new group and create a new campaign. The new campaign will have contacts that were not contacted in the original campaign.