How to incorporate multi-language calling

Did you know that organizations can use ThruTalk for outreach in other languages? As long as you have a keyboard that can write different alphabets, you can paste those characters into ThruTalk scripts' questions and responses. Currently, our interface only has an English language version, but we have admins with Spanish-speaking volunteers using Google Chrome's ability to translate our page with some success. You can read more about that on Google's support page.

You can also download the Google Translate Chrome browser extension from this page. Then, when you go to a webpage to translate, you can click on the extension at the top bar and click "TRANSLATE THIS PAGE" to change the text to the preferred language. However, please be aware that Google Translate isn't always accurate!

This is an example of what the page would look like:Conversations page showing multi-language use

NOTE - Since a GetThru account requires logging in for access, the Google Translate website tab will commonly give an error if attempting to access via that page; however, this error does not occur when using the Google Translate browser extension, as detailed above.

Here are some other best practices when calling in multi-languages:

  • Be careful about assuming you know which language your audience speaks. Unless you are 100% sure they are mono-lingual Spanish, Korean, etc. (meaning they have checked a box or otherwise chosen a preference for that language), you may want to include a question in a survey question or a script block asking which language they would prefer to communicate in.
  • For example, if reaching out in Spanish, a comment right after the starting question might be — if you'd prefer to speak in English, let us know.
  • Depending on your long-term goals, you may want a survey question that captures language preference, such as using the multiple-choice option to track that data.
  • Additionally, you may want to use branching scripts to continue the script in the chosen language.

Branching script example that includes a language preference question while using the Google Translate extension: