As you may know, new requirements for texting in the UK (Know Your Customer) are coming later this year. GetThru has already been hard at work making sure we are ready for these changes, to ensure our client’s messages are compliant and maintain GetThru’s high standard of message deliverability.

As a first step in our preparation for those changes, in the next week we will be launching the ability to associate dedicated phone numbers to your ThruText account for our UK customers. This feature will enable you to reuse the same phone numbers across multiple texting campaigns, so your recipients recognise your messages, in contrast to the current system of buying new outbound numbers for each of your ThruText campaigns. This change will not affect campaigns that are already active.

Once we release this new feature, in order to launch a new campaign you will first need to associate a dedicated number with your ThruText account by visiting the Phone Numbers page under Account Tools, selecting a mobile national destination code and clicking "Add Number". A number from the selected area code will then be permanently associated with your account and available for use. You may associate additional numbers, as needed, up to a total of 5.

Then, you'll notice a new selection dropdown on the first step of Campaign Creation, allowing you to select which outbound phone number to use for each campaign you create. This will allow you to organise your campaigns by outbound number.

The next step in our KYC compliance work will be collecting the information necessary to complete KYC registration on behalf of your organisation. We will be reaching out to Account Owners shortly with more details.

Please reach out to our Support Team at with any questions.