Following up on our exciting feature preview earlier this month, we’re pleased to announce that Deliverability Data is live in your ThruText Messages exports, among many other recent ThruText improvements.

Beginning last week, you may have noticed changes to the Messages exports generated from ThruText, mainly that they include several new columns: Message Status, Message Error Code, and Billable. These columns enable monitoring of your campaign's performance in much finer detail than was previously possible.

  • Message Status - Filter this column for visibility into which of your messages have been sent or remain to be sent. Review our guide for details on message statuses.
  • Message Error Code - If a delivery error occurs, which error code was received from our downstream provider. Error code descriptions can be found in our Help Center.
  • Billable - A Y/N flag indicating whether the message will be billed to your account.

Campaign Country Selection

Due to the shifting landscape of texting regulation in the countries we serve, going forward, we will limit each GetThru account to sending messages only in its designated country. This will allow us to streamline processes to be more specific to each geography in which our clients work. The first example of this streamlining is the removal of the “Country” selector during ThruText Campaign Creation. Our eagle-eyed UK clients may also notice the removal of the “Use Case” selector during Campaign Creation since that concept only applies to US-based texting.

If you’re a client with a need to send text messages in multiple countries you will now require a second GetThru account to do so. Please reach out to our Support Team for assistance.

Automated Opt-Outs

To reduce the time your Message Senders spend processing opt-out requests, we recently launched Automated Opt-Outs. Already, over 100 clients have enabled this feature and processed over 150k automated opt-outs, saving their message senders a cumulative 450k clicks.

If you haven’t already, take advantage of this efficiency multiplier by enabling it on the Opt Out Manager page, under ThruText Tools. More information can be found in our Automated Opt-Outs guide in our Help Center.


The rollout of our improved message-sending engine, the “SuperCollider” has gone well; our initial test accounts have sent more than 30,000 messages without incident! We will continue the rollout to additional accounts in the coming weeks and expect to have all remaining clients using the SuperCollider by June 30.

Holiday Hours Notice

In observance of Independence Day, GetThru support will be closed on Thursday, July 4th, and will have adjusted hours on Friday, July 5th. Support tickets received on July 4th will be addressed the next day when support returns to adjusted hours, 11 am - 8 pm ET. If you have any high-volume calling or texting planned for these days, please reach out to coordinate.

Please reach out to our support team at if you have any questions!