Export Containing Data on Your Callers' Statuses

NOTE - Additional data for the Caller Activity Details will be coming soon.

Admins and account owners can export (and receive via S3) a detailed report on their callers' activity. This will provide calling programs with important information on how many calls their callers made in a given period, how much time they spent calling, and the call results obtained. 

The Caller Activity Details report is available as an account-level export, and additional information on each column in the csv is available in our guide, ThruTalk Export Types.

Quality assurance using the Caller Activity Details Report

Admins can use the Caller Activity Details Report data to perform quality assurance checks on their callers. The report can detect data patterns that indicate that additional caller training may be needed, a caller is creating data in bad faith, or the list quality is poor.

Patterns to look for:

  • Noting an out-of-the-ordinary number of script call results compared to other callers in the same time frame for a caller may mean that the caller is clicking the wrong response to the first script question.
    • NOTE - for VAN syncing ThruTalk campaigns, only script data from correct_person calls is sent to VAN.
    • High amounts of deliverability_errors may mean that the list has many disconnected numbers.
  • A low ratio of in_call_time to total_connected_time may indicate that the caller is experiencing long wait times or they are staying in the "Wrap Up" state for too long.